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Introducing the BIG EASY & PINNACLE


Out two latest fabric ranges are the ultimate in versatile, carefree living. The Big easy upholstery collection, a stylish, easy-clean solution, and Pinnacle curtaining range will tie into and décor scheme with ease and elegance.

The Big Easy is perfect for generously sized pieces of furniture, and has the added bonus of falling under the Carefree umbrella – making it easy to clean and a fitting choice for both family living and holiday accommodation. The colorful stripes correlate easily with the small masculine jacquard as well as the various textured and action plains.


Pinnacle is a curtaining range that consists of new as well as tried-and-true designs from previous collections. Moderna is a solid modern jacquard made of poly-linen blend, while Nocturn has a linen appearance with a block-out silicone backing similar to Dreamland, which has been resampled


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